Frequently Asked Questions

What is Everly sweetened with? 

Our sweetener blend is stevia leaf extract and organic erythritol. We love this blend because it allows us to balance great taste with being natural, sugar free, and zero calorie.

Stevia is a plant from South America that is natural and sweet. Our stevia is grown in Brazil, and we do not use artificial additives or chemical processes when sourcing our stevia leaf extract.

Organic Erythritol is an amazing, natural sweetener that does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay, and is noncaloric. Erythritol occurs naturally in pears, soy sauce, wine, watermelon, and grapes, and is a great alternative to sugar.

These two sweeteners together make Everly the healthy alternative to sugary and artificial beverages.


Is Everly sugar free?

Yes! We do not use sugar, and each of our recipes have 0g of sugar. We use two natural, sugar free sweeteners: stevia leaf extract and organic erythritol.


Is Everly low carb / Keto friendly?

Yes! Our drink mixes have only 1g of net carbs per serving and our loaded with rehydrating electrolytes which are even more crucial to replenish while on a low carb diet.  

What are natural flavors?

Natural flavors are a blend natural oils from fruits, vegetables, roots, leafs, and other plants. There are no sugars or artificial ingredients contained in, nor added to, these extracted flavors.


Is this a powder, liquid, or gel?

Everly is a powdered drink mix that you can mix into your water.  As a natural product, it can take up to 1 minute to fully dissolve.  Please also be sure to stir or shake well.


How do I use the pouch?

The Everly spouted pouch was created to give our customers both bulk pricing and portability. These small pouches pack 20-30 16 oz servings each and can easily fit in a purse or backpack or on your desk.

With spouted pouches, you donโ€™t have to worry about a ziplock pouch accidentally opening up and spilling all over your bag, and you can bring it with you on the go more easily than a bulky plastic tub of powder.

With the pouch, you can customize your Everly to your preferred flavor level. A little Everly goes a long way, so start with a few small shakes and add to taste (like salting to taste)! After your first few tries, how much powder to add will start coming naturally to you.


Can I call and place an order over the phone?

Sorry at this time we do not accept phone orders.

How do I update my subscription?

You can make changes to your subscription, such as skipping an order, swapping flavors, or changing your billing information, by  logging into your account.
If you have not yet set up your account, you can  create an account here.

What is your shipping policy?

Free shipping on all US orders!
Free shipping on International orders over $30, otherwise just $5 shipping.

What is your return policy?

We will refund you in full, for any reason, within 30 days after your purchase.

What is your giving model?

For every pouch of Everly sold, we distribute a treatment of life-saving rehydration salts through our non-profit partner, ColaLife.

ColaLife uses those funds to provide packets of life-saving rehydration mixes (Oral Rehydration Salts) to mothers in rural Zambia.

Those mothers use the rehydration mixes to treat their babies when they're sick with waterborne disease, saving them from death by dehydration.

1 pouch of Everly = 1 treatment of life saving rehydration medicine. 


Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes!  Are you interested in sharing Everly with your tribe?  You can learn more and sign-up for our affiliate program here:

Do you sell wholesale to retailers?

Yes!  Please email us at to learn more.

Ask us about wholesale pricing and let us know in what context you will be selling Everly. 


Have more questions?

Contact us and we will get back to you promptly!

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